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لترجمة العربية: تدريب على التحدث أمام الجمهورالرياض


i) You never thought about public speaking.public_speaking_training_riyadh_saudi

ii) You’ve been busy and never got around to it.

iii) You’ve bought plenty of books but never read them.

iv) You’re in a position where people expect you to speak.

v) You have an obligation to speak. You can’t back out of this.

vi) You want to become a great public speaker.

Today our consulting contracts with private companies and public organizations has the bulk of it dedicated to communication training across all levels.

We know that in Riyadh and other major cities in Saudi, the pressure is on for leaders and professionals to put their best foot forward. After all, the world is watching.

Top teams want all their people, from sales reps and mid-level managers to their C level execs, board members and Presidents to Speak with impact.

Why? Because, your ability to present with power and speak with impact will reflect on how your audience will perceive you, your value, your products, your services, your company, your brand, and ultimately your credibility and competence.


Best Public Speaking Training in Riyadh by Kevin Abdulrahman


Public Speaking Workshops in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Do you know the importance of having superior public speaking skills?public_speaking_course_riyadh_jeddah_saudi

Do you want to become a confident and magnetic public speaker?

Do you wish for your people to represent your organization, brand or government department in a powerful manner?

If yes, then Kevin Abdulrahman is the perfect public speaking expert sought after by leading brands to deliver tailor made workshops and programmes designed for your teams. He has trained countless CEOs, government officials, royalties and executives in this field. His book, 60 Minutes To Better Public Speaking has been translated to 30+ languages.

If you are planning to train your sales force or board members in Riyadh on developing their public speaking skills at The Ritz Carlton, InterContinental Riyadh, Holiday Inn,

Four Seasons Hotel or any other convention center in Riyadh, we will arrange to have Kevin Abdulrahman deliver his unique public speaking skills workshop to your people

Kevin Abdulrahman’s primary goal is to enable people to express themselves, their ideas and most importantly their brands with solid conviction and confidence.

‘Confidence. Certainty. Clarity’, that’s a few of the things you will walk away with after finishing Kevin Abdulrahman’s public speaking courses. Take action today and contact us to book your team in Riyadh for a powerful session.


Public Speaking Seminars in Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Most untrained professionals begin their public address or speech in a couple ways, both of which are terrible. Many executives, professionals and leaders overlook the critical skill of public speaking. This is usually an oversight. After all, many professionals and individuals are so busy working hard on their craft, to deliver on their daily responsibilities and hopefully make a positive mark in the world. But sooner or later, they come to the realization that there is no escaping public speaking. They then start to sweat, deviously come up with escape plans (we have seen many) or gather themselves up to face the music (only to realize they have no clue about that song that’s playing). Hopefully you have the foresight to develop your and your people’s public speaking skills before you (or they) need it. Smart companies, individuals and leaders foresee the importance of developing and refining their public speaking skills when the time comes- Do you want your people your people in Riyadh to fluster and flounder? Or do you want them to stand up and speak with charisma confidence and craft a message that’s delivered with impact? To foresee is to rule. Let’s talk about getting you one of the world’s leading public speaking coaches to work with you in Saudi Arabia.


Conference and Meeting Facilities in Riyadh, KSA

Receive a copy of Kevin Abdulrahman's book absolutely free by making an enquiry

Call Now: (+971) 509859725

* Four Seasons Hotel

* Sheraton Riyadh Hotel and Towers

* Riyadh Marriott Hotel

* Al Faisaliah Hotel

* Al Mashreq Boutique Hotel

* Hotel Al Khozama

* Burj Rafal Hotel Kempinski

* Four Points by Sheraton Riyadh Khaldia

* The Ritz Carlton

* Radisson Blu Hotel

* InterContinental Riyadh

Or any other exciting business centers in Riyadh suitable for public speaking seminars.


Business Conventions and Exhibitions in Riyadh

The mega city of Riyadh now has the best petrochemical and engineering industries of the region, every year Saudi Arabia hosts many seminars, trade shows and exhibitions, some of them are:

* Riyadh Travel Fair

* Metal and Steel Saudi Arabia

* Saudi Print and Pack

* Saudi Plastics and Petrochem

* Saudi Aviation Training Conference and Exhibition

* Health Asia Exhibition

* International Exhibition for Glass, Aluminum and Fenestration Industry

* Saudi Power

* Saudi Hotel Tech Expo

* IFSEC Arabia

* Saudi Water and Electricity Forum


Riyadh Metro Rail System – World Class Design


As an organization in Riyadh, why is it important for your people to develop their public speaking skills?

Prepare. If you don’t, you are being disrespectful. On so many levels. You disrespect the audience for not having made the time and effort to prepare and develop your public speaking skills. You are disrespect the team, organization or brand you represent for having not prepared. You let more than just yourself show that you are unprepared. Your public speaking skills will reflect on your organization’s and brand image. You disrespect yourself. When unprepared, you won’t need to tell the audience your public speaking skills is lacking. The majority will figure it out on their own. They might be polite in not saying anything, but they will know it.

Don’t let that happen. You are in control. You can develop and refine your public speaking skills.

You can speak to impact, influence, inform and inspire.


Smart organizations and leading government department heads in Riyadh take note:

How can we help you in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia?public_speaking_workshops_riyadh_jeddah_saudi

1) Public speaking one on one trainings for your CEO?

2) Public speaking courses for your senior execs?

3) Public speaking seminars for your mid-level managers?

4) Public speaking workshops for a select group of individuals on assignment?

Bookings for public speaking trainings in Riyadh are booked in advance. Limited dates available for the year.

Send us an email or give us a call to discuss how Kevin Abdulrahman can help work with your group in Saudi Arabia.



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