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Public Speaking is an art.

Do you infuse any of the following in your public address or presentations?Public-speaking-training-mucat

Delivering the ball of curiosity. Begining with a story A loaded question. Making a factual statement Use a prop to make a specific and clearly understandable point Quote someone of authority and admiration Understand the audiences interest (not yours) and tune in their personal frequency. Shock em if you have to Jar them if they need a wake up call

If you do, are you inserting them in the right places?

And if you are, are you infusing your personality into your message for maximum impact?

There are many dimensions to public speaking. The difference between getting it right and almost right is the difference of being dead on target or dead in the water.

Only one of which is a winner.

Enter Kevin Abdulrahman, a public speaking coach to thought leaders, governments, public profiles and some of the world’s better speaking CEOs.


Best Public Speaking Training in Muscat by Kevin Abdulrahman


Public Speaking Workshops in Muscat Oman

Public speaking skills include the art of engaging a large crowd, using your body language and gestures to convey your message and learning how to react to questions or criticism in a public environment. The art of Public Speaking is a critical skill to acquire and develop both as an individual and as a group. In order to learn one of the most coveted modern corporate skill, you have the opportunity to hire one of the world’s leading public speaking coaches in the world- Kevin Abdulrahman.

Do not risk your reputation and credibility by not developing your public speaking skills. It is necessary in today’s corporate world.

The best investment you could ever make is to invest in yourself.

As an international speaker and ambassador myself, I can tell you that the importance of speaking with impact is undeniable.

I’ve known Kevin Abdulrahman for a number of years. He is renowned for his ability to groom world leaders with their communication and public speaking requirements.

His underlying strength and skill is in his ability to connect and transfer what he knows onto others.

The greatest individuals, professionals and leaders are often remembered because of

their ability to speak with impact. Gone are the days where you could hide behind the desk. If you want to be taken seriously, get funding for a project, persuade your team members, lead with influence and speak to be heard, you need to polish your public speaking skills.

In this day and age, you will find yourself either being expected to speak, or obligated to speak. As Kevin mentions, you can’t escape public speaking.

His Excellency Sheikh Mohammed Bin Abdullah Al Thani,

“The First Qatari to Summit Everest”

Public Speaking Seminars in Muscat, Oman

What are you planning to present or speak on?public_speaking_courses_muscat_oman

Help your audience picture it. Paint it in for them. Let them see what you see- vividly.

This is one of the many techniques that will be shared by Kevin Abdulrahman when you book him to deliver his public speaking seminars to your group in Muscat, Oman.

As someone who is required to stand up and speak, understand that you are like the captain of a plane. Your role is to ensure that your passengers are at ease. You have a destination in mind. You should have everything in place to ensure a smooth take off. A destination is in mind, and so the journey begins taking your passengers smoothly through the clouds. And for the close, you descend as you arrive at your destination. A smooth landing. You have arrived and the passengers are ecstatic about the journey that they all applaud. And so your talk presentation or speech should be. Clear. Controlled. On point.

Kevin Abdulrahman can help you become that Capable and Confident Captain.


Conference and Meeting Facilities in Muscat

Receive a copy of Kevin Abdulrahman's book absolutely free by making an enquiry

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* Radisson Blu Hotel

* Hilton Salalah

* Millennium Resort Mussanah

* Midan Hotel Suites

* Crowne Plaza Resort

* Salalah Rotana Resort

* InterContinental Hotel Muscat

* Shangri La Barr Al Jissah Resort and Spa-Al Husn

* The Chedi Muscat

* Hotel Muscat Holiday

* Other exciting conference places in Muscat


Upcoming Business Conventions and Exhibitions in Muscat

Muscat’s primary sectors are tourism, trade, construction, processing of metals and oil. Every year, Muscat hosts many seminars, exhibitions and business conventions, some of them are:

* Middle East Transport and Logistics Expo and Conference

* Oman EPC Projects Conference

* OGWA Oil and Gas West Asia

* International Medical Tourism Exhibition and Conference

* IDF Oman

* The BIG Show Muscat

* International Education Middle East EXPO Roadshow

* Global Property Show

* International Conference on Economics and Business Research

* Oman Energy and Water Exhibition and Conference

* International Conference on Science, Technology, Engineering and Management


Muscat, Oman – The most beautiful city in the world 2015


As an organization in Muscat, why is it important for your people to develop their public speaking skills?

Inform me. Interest me. Inspire me. Influence me. That’s what your audience is asking you to do. That’s your only role when you are standing up to present. They want to be mentally aroused. This should be your MO.

You are a presenter. A facilitator. A speaker whose role is to deliver a specific and desired message with impact. Focus on what the audience are asking of you. Now you know.

Let Kevin Abdulrahman help you deliver on these expectations.


Forward thinking companies, brands and government departments in Muscat, take note

How can be of service to you in Oman?

1) Public speaking one on one trainings for your CEO?

2) Public speaking courses for your senior execs?

3) Public speaking seminars for your mid-level managers?

4) Public speaking workshops for a select group of individuals on assignment?

Bookings for public speaking trainings in Muscat Oman are available on limited dates.

Send us an email or give us a call to discuss how Kevin Abdulrahman can help work with your group in Muscat, Oman.



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