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Is public speaking an important skill for your people to develop?

Why is refining Public Speaking Skills so coveted by the top performers in today’s corporate world?

Consider this. People judge a book by its cover. Whether you are standing up to speak at a business event or conference in Manama, you face this simple fact.

Have you ever thought about the difference your team’s public speaking skills could have on the overall results of your organization or government department?

Public Speaking is not only the ability to stand up in front of a crowd with confidence and without fear. The art of speaking in public is having the ability to engage audience, build trust, command authority, and ensure that your message is received and understood by the audience.

Kevin Abdulrahman is one of the world’s leading public speaking coaches to thought leaders, CEOs and royalties. As an authority in public speaking, he is available to deliver public speaking trainings and workshops to your organization or leaders in Manama, Bahrain

Kevin Abdulrahman’s book 60 Minutes To Better Public Speaking has been translated into 30+ languages, including Arabic. If you are intending to train your group in Bahrain on developing their public speaking skills, then drop us a line to see how we can provide you with in house public speaking courses, seminars and workshops.

Your people represent your company, department, brand and city.

When they get up to speak, are they doing so with impact?

Are they maximizing the potential available?

To learn how to speak with impact, you need a solid public speaking coach, one that has on the ground experience and can teach you from real life experience (not text book theory). Kevin Abdulrahman is a prominent public speaking trainer who has trained many royalty, government officials, sports and media celebrities, CEOs, executives and managers.

We can conduct public speaking workshops for you in any of the many five star facilities available in Bahrain or at the convenience of your private office.

In today’s corporate world, effective and powerful public speaking skills is pivotal for you and your organization’s success.


Best Public Speaking Training in Manama by Kevin Abdulrahman


The Kingdom of Bahrain is an archipelago of 32 islands, located in the middle of the Gulf. Saudi Arabia and public_speaking_training_manama_bahrainQatar are Bahrain’s immediate neighbors. The ancient Dilmum civilization is believed to have started here in Bahrain, this country was and still is famous for its pearl fisheries, Bahrain’s pearls are still famous around the world for their exquisite quality. The country is known for it’s well established tourism, construction and banking sector, it’s home

to major banks and financial institutions. Bahrain is a high income economy country with a nominal GDP of $32.8bn.

Kevin Abdulrahman is an experienced and unique public speaking coach who has worked with world leaders and achievers on an encompassing aspect of public communication.

Whether you are in need to refine your speech writing, become an effective brand ambassador, polish your presentation skills or have a desire to be a commanding public speaker, allow Kevin Abdurlahman to help you achieve your public speaking goals.

He is available, on limited dates, to deliver an inspiring public speaking workshop at The Ritz-Carlton, Sofitel, Movenpick Hotel Bahrain, The K Hotel or any other convention or business center in Bahrain. Alternatively you can request for a private booking to work with you on a personal one on one level in confidence.


Public Speaking Workshops in Bahrain

As well as providing in house public speaking courses and trainings in your office in Manama, there are many venues that we can conduct these seminars and workshops for your teams.

Manama has countless five star hotels and conference rooms.

Here are some of our suggested venues in Bahrain to hold your next public speaking courses, seminars or workshops with Kevin Abdulrahman


Conference and Meeting Facilities in Bahrain

* Elite Crystal Hotelpublic_speaking_workshops_manama_bahrain

* InterContinental Regency

* Ramee Grand Hotel and Spa

* The Ritz-Carlton

* The K Hotel, Manama

* Four Season Hotel Bahrain Bay

* Movenpick Hotel Bahrain

* Ramada Bahrain

* ART Rotana

* Le Méridien Bahrain City Centre

* Other exciting conference places in Bahrain, suitable for public speaking workshops.


Manama, Bahrain – The most beautiful city in the world 2015


As an organization in Bahrain, why is it important for your people to develop their public speaking skills?

Recall a time when a professional delivered an arresting speech. You either watched it and were in awe, dotted on it on the TV/internet or heard someone discuss it with enthusiasm. The speaker made the words move. And the audience’s hearts and minds marched right behind. How are these individuals calm, charismatic and confident? How are they able to deliver a message in a way that their audience are swayed to their way of thinking? Enter Kevin Abdulrahman. Public Speaking Coach to public figures, thoughts leaders, CEOs and

Royalty. For years Kevin Abdulrahman has worked with individuals and teams refining every element of their communication and public speaking skills. Whether it’s constructing a message to ensure an outcome or infusing your personal spirit and techniques into your delivery, Kevin Abdulrahman can help you get better, deliver better and feel better.

His work? Guaranteed.


Government sector and multinational organizations in Bahrain, take note:public_speaking_courses_manama_bahrain

How can we help develop your narrative, key messages and public speaking skills?

1) Boutique public speaking skills service to help your Chairman present with power?

2) Confidential public speaking skills courses tailored for your VPs and CEO?

3) In house public speaking skills seminars for your mid-level and senior executives?

4) Public speaking skills training for your sales teams?

Public speaking Trainings require prior bookings, and are subject to availability.

Please contact us to discuss how Kevin Abdulrahman can help work with your group in Manama, Bahrain.


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