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لترجمة العربية: تدريب على التحدث أمام الجمهورجدة

Never judge a book by its cover. And yet, we are all guilty of doing so. An arresting start is one of the markspublic-speaking-training-jeddah of all great Speakers that have and continue to do it.

Yet many professionals disregard this key factor amongst many others when standing up to deliver their public address, speech or message. We see this happen far too often at business events, conferences and conventions in Jeddah.

In a world where everyone is connected, your Jeddah audience aren’t the only ones. The world is looking at Saudi Arabia. Like any skill, public speaking requires an understanding of the intricate factors that make for a resounding delivery. How one starts. How to phrase the message. What to include. What to delete. The crafting of a powerful message that’s sharp, on point and directed to the audience guiding them to the desired final destination. Public speaking is an art form mastered by Kevin Abdulrahman, The Man Inspiring Millions. Allow him to work with you and your team to develop and refine your public speaking skills. He has worked with many senior figures enabling them to deliver their message with confidence and charisma. Whether you wish to speak to impact, influence, inform or inspire let Kevin Abdulrahman help you make it a reality.

Ready develop stellar public speaking skills?


Public Speaking Workshops in Jeddah- Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

As an author and communication expert, Kevin Abdulrahman’s book 60 Minutes To Better Public Speaking has been translated into 30+ languages. If you are expecting to train your group in Jeddah on developing their public speaking skills, then give us a call to discuss your requirements and availabilities for a public speaking seminar, workshop or boutique one-on-one coaching sessions for your VIPs.


Best Public Speaking Training in Jeddah by Kevin Abdulrahman


Conference and Meeting Facilities available for public speaking workshops in Jeddah, KSA

* Inter Continental Hotel


* Jeddah Hilton Hotel

* Park Hyatt

* Radisson Blu Hotel

* Rosewood Jeddah

* Qasr Al Sharaq

* Le Meridien Jeddah

* Rawasi Hotel Suites

* Movenpick Resorts Al Nawras

* Crowne Plaza Jeddah

* Sheraton Hotel

All of these locations are ideal to provide tailored public speaking workshop.

Alternatively private workshops can be conducted at the privacy of your office.


Public Speaking Seminars in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia (KSA)

Receive a copy of Kevin Abdulrahman's book absolutely free by making an enquiry

Call Now: (+971) 509859725

It is important for your people to develop their public speaking skills.

Jeddah is a leader in research and manufacturing firms, educational institutes, engineering and construction sector. In line with the mega-city’s interest, every year KSA hosts many trade shows, seminars, exhibitions and business conventions, some of them are:

* Jeddah International Trade Fair

* Saudi Transtec


* Cityscape Jeddah

* Saudi Print

* Automechanika Jeddah

* Saudi Building and Interiors Exhibition

* IT Security Roadshow

* Foodex Saudi

* FIDIC Contract and Claims Management

* Saudi Arabia Smart Grid

* GCC Environment Forum

* Learning and Technology Conference

* Jewellery Saloon Jeddah

* Saudi Food, Hotel and Hospitality Arabia 2016

If you have attended any of the above, then the answer to the following questions should have you thinking… And thinking hard.

How many of the organizations representatives do you remember because of their public speaking?

How many of the speakers made an impact?

How much of the message do you remember from any of the presenters?

How many professionals stood up and delivered their message in an engaging and empowering manner?

Don’t let your professionals destroy your brand. Invest in developing their skills.

We have limited dates available for this year in Jeddah. Enquire to see if we can book a two day session for your group in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


Jeddah city Video guide (Saudi Arabia)


As an organization in Jeddah, why is it important for your people to develop their public speaking skills in KSA?

Inform me. Interest me. Inspire me. Influence me.

That’s what your audience in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia are asking you to do.

That’s the only role when any of your professionals are standing up to present.

Your brand is either constantly being built or destroyed by the public speaking level of your representatives.

Do not take the risk.

Teach and train your professionals to develop their public speaking skills.

Hiring Kevin Abdulrahman to deliver in Jeddah, a public speaking workshop, seminar and training will be one of the best investment you will ever make for your organization.


Smart organizations and leading government department heads in Jeddah take notice:

Tell us your requirements?

1) Public speaking one on one trainings for your CEO?

2) Public speaking courses for your senior execs?

3) Public speaking seminars for your mid-level managers?

4) Public speaking workshops for a select group of individuals on assignment?

Advance bookings for public speaking trainings in Jeddah are required.

Send us an email or give us a call to discuss how Kevin Abdulrahman can help work with your group in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.



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