Public Speaking Training Dubai

Public Speaking Dubai

Public Speaking Dubai – Public Speaking Coach To CEOs, World Leaders, Presidents & Royalty.

Dubai: Customized Public Speaking Skills Training For Your Ambassadors, CEOs, Chairmen, Leaders, Ministers & Royal Family Members Across The United Arab Emirates.

This is not a beginners or introductory level of public speaking service.  If you are seeking to start on developing your public speaking skills. We recommend you 1) Subscribe to our regular public speaking tips blog and 2) perhaps look into organizations like toastmasters club in Dubai.

The public speaking service we offer in Dubai is customized and designed for those who have a lot riding on the success of their public speaking and presentations.

When you have a significant public address, presentation to deliver, or want to inspire your audience with a powerful keynote, that’s when we can help you, where ever you may be in the United Arab Emirates.


Public Speaking Training Dubai

Public Speaking Training Dubai


Public Speaking Dubai – Arabic

Kevin Abdulrahman is one of the world’s best public speaking coaches to thought Leaders, CEOs and royalty.  Many of the top echelon in Dubai call for Kevin Abdulrahman specifically, and for good reason.

He is the best public speaking trainer in Dubai because he is an active public speaker.

In 2017, he was voted top motivational keynote speaker.

Watch The Man Inspiring Millions raise the roof with his audience of 10,000+ people.

Customized Public Speaking Courses in Dubai With The Man Inspiring Millions

Imagine if you could inspire, inform and impact your audience every time you stood up to speak?

If Kevin Abdulrahman can raise the roof and sway such a large audience, imagine the results he can help you achieve with your public speaking.

Note: Please enquire for date availability to deliver public speaking trainings and workshops to your group in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Are you looking for public speaking trainings for your group in Dubai?

Kevin Abdulrahman’s book 60 Minutes To Better Public Speaking has been translated into 30+ languages, including Arabic. If you are intending to train your executives, senior managers or C-suites execs in Dubai on developing their public speaking skills, then contact us to discuss how we can provide you with an in-house public speaking courses, seminars and workshops.


Best Public Speaking Training in Dubai by Kevin Abdulrahman


Receive a copy of Kevin Abdulrahman's book absolutely free by making an enquiry

Call Now: (+971) 509859725

Public Speaking Workshops in Dubai

As well as providing in house public speaking courses and trainings in your office in

Dubai, there are many venues that we can conduct these trainings for your people.

Dubai is a city filled with five star hotels and conference rooms.

Here are some of our suggested venues in Dubai to hold your next public speaking courses, seminars or workshops with Kevin Abdulrahman

The Address Hotel in Downtown Dubai

The Armani Hotel at the World’s tallest tower in Burj Khalifa

The Marriott Marquis on Sheikh Zayed Road

The Ritz Carlton Hotel in DIFC

The Emirates Towers in DIFC

The Al Qasr in Madinat Jumeirah

The Kempinski Hotel at the Mall of Emirates

The Atlantis Hotel on the beautiful Palm Jumeirah

The Jumeirah Zabeel Saray on Palm Jumeirah

The one and only 7 star hotel Burj Al Arab in Jumeirah


Public Speaking Seminars in Dubai

Many groups are based out of Dubai, but still like to have Kevin Abdulrahman deliver his public speaking seminars, courses and workshops in Dubai.

In this way, you are incorporating both a learning session as well a group break at the same time.

Take your attendees to the many beautiful places to see in Dubai in the evenings, but also have a powerful and impactful sessions in the mornings with Kevin Abdulrahman- Public Speaking Coach to Celebrities and CEOs.


Amazing Dubai Public Keynote Speaker



As an organization in Dubai, why is it important for your people to develop their public speaking skills?

Public speaking seminars dubai

Public Speaking Seminars Dubai

If we are to keep it Dubai specific, the numbers of events, conferences and conventions occurring every year is staggering. All you have to do is look at how often professionals are required to stand up and speak on stage.

On every occasion, professionals that speak in public are representing their teams, company brands and government entities.

Their public speaking skill is either making or breaking their brand.

Whatever industry you’re in, your people are either increasing or demolishing your brand value?

Do not take the risk. Teach and train your professionals to develop their public speaking skills.

They will be glad you did.

You will be glad you did.

Hiring Kevin Abdulrahman to deliver in Dubai, a public speaking workshop, seminar and training will be one of the best investment you will ever make for your group.


Take note, smart companies and leading department heads in Dubai


Public Speaking Training Dubai

Tell us what you need?

  • Public speaking one on one trainings for your CEO?
  • Public speaking courses for your senior execs?
  • Public speaking seminars for your mid-level managers?
  • Public speaking workshops for a select group of individuals on assignment?



Bookings for public speaking trainings in Dubai are required in advance.

Send us an email or give us a call to discuss how Kevin Abdulrahman can help work with your group in Dubai.

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Public Speaking Training. Presentational Skills Training. Media Training. Negotiation Skills Coaching. Communication Consult.
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Public Speaking Training. Presentational Skills Training. Media Training. Negotiation Skills Coaching. Communication Consult.
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Customized Public Speaking Skills Training In Dubai For Your Ambassadors, CEOs, Chairmen, Leaders, Ministers & Royal Family Members Across The United Arab Emirates.


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