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Public Speaking Training in Doha, Qatar

Are you looking to train your employees on developing their Public Speaking Skills?

Kevin Abdulrahman is a leading public speaking trainer and coach to thought leaders around the world.

He has trained numerous royalty, sports and media celebrities, corporate heads and CEOs.

In today’s era of competitiveness and expectations, public speaking skills are crucial for any individual and first class organization. Kevin Abdulrahman is available on limited dates to deliver his public speaking trainings, courses, seminars and workshops in the progressive city of Doha, Qatar.

Kevin Abdulrahman has first-hand experience working in Qatar with many amazing Qatari individuals who are part of forward-looking private companies and government departments.

’60 Minutes to Better Public Speaking’ has been released by Kevin Abdulrahman. It soon was translated into over 30 languages, available also in Arabic.

If you want yourself and your people to stand out amongst their industry peers with superior public speaking skills, you are in the right place. Whether it’s an in house public speaking seminar, or private one on one tailored trainings, contact the man world leaders call upon when in need of a world class public speaking coach.


About Qatar:

Qatar is located in the Southwest along the northeastern coast of Arabian Peninsula, sharing its borders with Saudi Arabia and Bahrain. The UAE and Iran are connected to Qatar by sea. It’s the world’s third largest oil and gas reserve, a concentrated high income economy. Over 60% of Qatar’s population comprises of expatriates, a good index for the business potential in the region. Qatar also has the highest per capita income in the world.

Kevin Abdulrahman has trained many Senior executives, Delegates, CEOs and Thought Leaders in developing impressive and effective public speaking skills. He could do the same for you.

With titles and positions, comes prestige, responsibility and a level of expectation that people have of your communication skills.

Kevin Abdulrahman’s main objective is to enable you and your people to confidently stand up and deliver your message to organizations and people of interest. There are countless elements to the art of public speaking, and what Kevin Abdulrahman does best is work with your areas of strengths to bring out your uniqueness as a speaker.

You can arrange for your seminar or training to be held at the The St. Regis, Movenpick Hotel West Bay, Hilton Doha or any other center in Doha, Qatar. Some of which are


Conferences and Meetings in Doha

* W Doha Hotel & Residences

* The St. Regis

* Hilton Doha

* Oryx Rotana

* Four Seasons Hotel

* La Cigale Hotel

* Grand Hyatt

* Kempinski Residences and Suites

* InterContinental Doha

* Ritz Carlton

* MovenpickDohaTower

* Other exciting places in Qatar conference


Overview of Doha, Qatar

Doha is an innovative modern Arab city, the capital and largest city of Qatar. Doha puts particular emphasis on international sporting events, construction, real estate, universities and education, investment and international organizations, the majority of which are oil and gas related industries. Qatargas, Qatar Petroleum and RasGas are three of the major oil and gas companies based in Doha.

The government wants to reduce its dependence on oil and gas resources. Qatar has big plans to invest in renewable energy solutions and Doha will be the center of these initiatives. In 2011 Fortune magazine ranked Doha among the 15 best cities for business and investment.

In a thriving city with a competitive landscape, you must stand out from the masses. The way to do that is with the power every leader and leading group understands- the power of orating.

Develop superior public speaking courses in Doha with Kevin Abdulrahman.


Work and life in Doha (Qatar)


Upcoming Conventions and Trade Shows in Qatar

Qatar’s industries of interest are education, energy, science, sports and engineering, each year Doha hosts many seminars, exhibitions and business conventions, some of the events are as follows:


* International Conference of Finance Research

* Qatar Green Building Conference

* Qatar Motor Show

* THIMUN Qatar Conference

* Islamic World Forum

* Doha Jewellery and Watches Exhibition

* Qatar International Food Festival

* International Conference on Medical and Bio-sciences

* Cityscape Qatar

In every one of these event, there would have been speakers delivering their message.

The only ones that succeeded were those who had refined their public speaking skills to a level where they delivered a message that was a) On point and b) With Impact.

If you want to learn how to create and deliver a high impact message when speaking in public, get in touch with Kevin Abdulrahman and let’s see what aspect of public speaking do we need to help you with, as an individual or a group.


Tell us what you need?public-speaking-workshop-qatar

1) Executive Public speaking one on one sessions for your CEO?

2) Public speaking courses for your senior execs?

3) Public speaking seminars for your mid-level managers?

4) Public speaking workshops for a select group of individuals on assignment?

Bookings for public speaking trainings in Doha are required in advance.

Send us an email or give us a call to discuss how Kevin Abdulrahman can help work with your group in Doha, Qatar.



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