Media Training Kuwait

Media Training Kuwait

Media Training Kuwait with Public Speaking Coach To World Leaders Kevin Abdulrahman

Media Training in Kuwait City

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Get trained by communication expert Kevin Abdulrahman, media coach for some of the world’s leading and powerful personalities.

Interviewing with the press is an opportunity. Seize it.

As one of the most recognized media trainers, Kevin Abdulrahman has worked with thousands of policy makers, investors, politicians, government ministers, celebrities, dignitaries, executive VPs, thoughts leaders, chairmen, presidents and royalties.

If you are a multinational company, government agency, VP, CEO or chairman in Kuwait, Kevin Abdulrahman can deliver his bespoke media training sessions to suit your requirements.

Training your spokespersons to handle interviews and maximize media coverage at a world class level is a fundamental aspect of any group’s strategic corporate communication.

Kevin Abdulrahman delivers media skills training that’s effective and relevant to the world today. There are a multitude of platform that spokespersons and brand ambassadors must be aware of. There is a requirement to be prepared at all times.

You must be ready with your key message at the drop of a hat, and more importantly, deliver it with precision and impact.

If you are containing a crisis, you need to effectively diffuse the situation. How you handle the media will have a huge impact on your brand- either way, the impact is drastic (think back to BP Oil Spill Debacle and complete media mishandling)

Our media training workshops are designed for forward thinking government agencies, national and multinational companies in Kuwait.

Media training is investing in advance for your future. Because when you are needed to get in front of a TV camera, speak at a panel on stage or do a face to face interview, there is no time for preparation.

You must be ready. With a Key Message. Precise. On Point. At any given time.

Kevin Abdulrahman can help create and refine your company narrative. Creating, setting and building on a tone that is in line with your organization, internally and externally. Every organization has a story. Have you crafted yours?

Kevin Abdulrahman has provided tools to effectively engage and train professionals in many industries (Mining, Financial investments, Oil and Gas, Media, Accounting, Legal, Commercial Machinery, Medical, Real Estate, Consulting, Banking, Automotive, Agriculture, Aviation,) and under numerous conditions (press releases, product launches, take overs, crisis management and communication challenges).


The media training courses delivered are custom-made to your requirements. It can be delivered in house or at any private setting to suit your VIP candidates.


Media Training Workshops in Kuwait

Kevin Abdulrahman can provide your group with global media training workshops across all your offices. As a renowned communication consultant, workshops can be delivered at your offices in Kuwait or otherwise at your choice of a five star hotel venue.

Kuwait has several outstanding hotels. Your media training workshop and consultations can be held at

Jumeirah Messilah Beach Hotel & Spa

The Regency Kuwait on Al Tawoon street

Movenpick Hotel and Resort Al Bidaa Kuwait

Sheraton Kuwait on Fahd Al Salem street

Crowne Plaza Kuwait city


Media Training Seminars in Kuwait

For government departments and multinationals wishing to take advantage of the incredible facilities in Kuwait, we can conduct private media training seminars for your group.

Please note, this is subject to Kevin Abdulrahman’s availability.

Many groups choose to have their media training seminars in Kuwait so their spokespersons can

Media Training Workshops Kuwait

  1. a) Attend an engaging, informing and intensive seminar session during the day, and
  2. b) Enjoy Kuwait city in the evening.


The Avenues is largest shopping Centre in Kuwait. A shopper’s paradise for those in the mood. If you’re looking to absorb an authentic feel of Kuwait, head down to the Souk Al-Mubarakiya. Make time to go and Tareq Rajab museum of Islamic Arts, the Mirror House and also the Grand Mosque. Check out the iconic Kuwait towers and also keep an eye out for Al Hamra Tower, designed by the same folks who did the Burj Khalifa in Dubai. It pierces into the sky at 412 metres, and is made from a combination of stone and glass facade. A marvel to enjoy.

Are you a government department or multinational company in Kuwait?

Strategize and media train your spokespersons to communicate effectively.

How well are you presenting your company results to investors?

Are your senior executives well trained to craft their key messages before their quarterly meeting?

60 Minutes To Better Public Speaking

How effective is your communication with stakeholders?

Is your message fresh enough to stand out in what is a loud and crowded market place?

From investor communication to handling difficult media questions, your spokespersons need to be ready before they are required to do so.

As a leading communication consultant, Kevin Abdulrahman has helped some of the world’s most influential and powerful executives, ministers, VPs, Presidents, Chairmen and Royalties. He will achieve the same success for you.

Call Kevin Abdulrahman to deliver his bespoke media training workshops for your spokespersons in Kuwait. This is an investment in your future.



Media Training Courses Kuwait

Kuwait Government departments and smart companies, take note:

How can we help with developing your narrative, key messages and media communication?

  • Boutique one on one media coaching for your Chairman?
  • Media training courses tailored for your VPs?
  • In house media training seminars for strategic communication of your cabinet and ministers?
  • Media training workshops for crisis management?

Trainings require prior bookings, and are subject to availability.

Please email or call to discuss how Kevin Abdulrahman can help work with your group in Kuwait city, Kuwait.

Media Training
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Media Training
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Bespoke Media Training Sessions For Your Multinational Company, Government Agency, VPs, CEO or Chairman in Kuwait. Guaranteed Results. Absolutely Confidential.


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