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Communication Skills Training in Doha

What if you could learn one powerful communication skill that would have a guaranteed positive impact on your bottom line as business or government department in Doha, Qatar?

One of the world’s leading communication experts is now available to fly to Doha to deliver communication skills training courses.

Kevin Abdulrahman is an international expert and authority in the field of communication. He is the author of several books and creator of countless training programs. His work has seen him consult leading governments and fast growing companies across five continents.

Communication is like breathing, often done without thought, and therefore, often incorrect.

From first impressions to perceptions, communication is everything to any group. Are your people delivering on your desired requirements?

How do your people come across when meeting with them?

What do your business cards look like?

What impression are your people making on your customers?

What is the impression you want to make?

How do you want people to perceive your group and brand?

You have control over that. With the correct communication skills.

Many groups are realizing that the impression they wish to make is not what is being perceived by the customer.

The reason is simple. Their people’s communication skills aren’t effective. They are not razor sharp.

Today’s competitive world demands that your people communicate effectively.

Book Kevin Abdulrahman in advance to deliver his world class communication skills trainings and programs in Doha, Qatar. Email or call us to discuss how we can help your group with a customized communication skills training to suit your needs.


Communication Skills Workshops in Doha
communication skills seminars doha qatar

Kevin Abdulrahman can tailor and deliver his communication skills workshops at your offices in Doha. Workshops and training sessions can also be held at one of the many five star hotels of your choice across this beautiful city.

Here’s a small selection of hotels where we can conduct your communication skills workshops and training.

Marsa Malaz Kempinksi, The Pearl

Grand Hyatt Doha

W Hotel Doha & Residences

Banana Island resort Doha by Anantara

Hilton Doha


Communication Skills Seminars in Doha

Based out of Doha? No problems. Kevin Abdulrahman can still conduct a private communication skills seminar. Many companies like to benefit from having their communication skills seminar in Doha so that their people can

  1. Attend an engaging, enlightening and informative seminar, as well as
  2. Enjoy what the beautiful city of Doha has to offer.


If it is your first time in Doha, don’t just sit around in the hotel. You must go check out the Museum of Islamic Art. Follow that with a walk to old harbor where you can take some great pictures of the old dhow boats. If you like the idea of narrow winding alleys, then you will enjoy the old souq (Souq Waqif) for its offerings and the smell of exotic spices. Take a break by having a tea or a coffee at one of the many cafes and enjoy seeing the hustle and bustle of the traders. There are also many shopping malls.


Waterfront Cities of the World: Doha, Qatar


As a Doha Company or government entity- why should you develop your group’s communication

60 minutes to better public speaking


Most companies and government departments makes the mistake of thinking that people connect with their brands.

Not entirely true.

People first connect with people.

Then by virtue of connecting with your people, they then connect to the brand.

Take for example Barcelona, or Real Madrid.

Before you or your friends connected with the brand, they first connected with the people. In love with the people, you have fallen in love with the brand.

The same is true with your business, brand or government department.

The only way to continue to build true power is through your people.

Developing your people is the most critical point. Their communication skills, even more so.

Do your people exude trust when they communicate?

Can they do better?

We certainly can help.

How can we help you in Doha? What are your needs as a company or government department in Qatar?

communication skills workshops doha qatar

We can assist you across different levels. Kevin Abdulrahman can deliver,

  • Boutique and personal leadership communication training conducted in private?
  • Communication courses tailored for your managers?
  • Two day Communication seminars for your senior executives?
  • Specific Communication workshops for teams going on assignments?

Please Note: Communication skills training are subject to availability.

Send us an email or call us to chat about how Kevin Abdulrahman can come to Doha Qatar, to work with your group on any of your communication skills training requirements.


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