Presentation Skills Training

Presentation Skills Training

Presentation Skills Training by World Renowned Presentation Skills Expert Kevin Abdulrahman


Presentation Skills Training.

Customized & Confidential.

Designed For C-suite Executives, Leaders, Cabinet Ministers, Ambassadors, Spokespersons, Presidents & Royalty.

Conducted By The Public Speaking Coach Of World Leaders, Kevin Abdulrahman

What Is Presentation Skills Training?


Presentation Skills Seminars

It is essentially a form of communication where you explain a new idea or product to a group of people.

What’s all the hype about presentation skills?

Have you ever listened to a product launch presentation of Steve Jobs? If you have not then you may not completely understand the impact of this particular skill.

Steve Jobs spent days and weeks preparing for his infamous presentations that inspired and motivated audiences. His speeches were so powerful that Apple sold millions of phones and computers, developed millions of loyal fans globally, and made many billions of dollars in the process.

Such is the importance of having killer presentation skills.

And Steve Jobs, is one of many great leaders who had sharpened their presentation skills.

If you are a leader, corporate head, sales manager or a director, the skill to present with power will be one of your most important assets. Ever.

After all, you are always ‘presenting’, you just don’t see it that way, yet.

Why Presentation Skills Training?

Let’s keep it simple. If your career and business matters to you then you must develop excellent presentation skills.

Words have power to move mountains. If presented in the right manner.

A strong presentation has the power to inform educate, motivate and stimulate people, depending on the desired outcome.

Your presentation needs to be sharp, inspiring and delivered with impact so that people take action towards your idea or business.

These are skills you can learn from one of the world best motivational keynote speakers Kevin Abdulrahman. His expertise, thoughts, tips and disarming way of teaching the subject, will take your presentation skills (and ultimately results), to the next level.

How to develop Killer Presentation Skills?

presentation skills training

Presentation skills workshops

Here are some tips on how you can improve your presentation skills:

Presentation Type: Will you be presenting a report to your board or will it be a sales presentation for a new product? Are you required to design a pitch? It is important to understand what you are aiming to do. Are you wanting the audience to take a specific action? Are you delivering to inform? Are you presenting to get them to buy in? You begin working on your presentation by first establishing an outcome.

Kevin Abdulrahman has worked with thousands of sales team, senior executives, VPs, CEOs, ministers, presidents and royalties helping them present with power.

When delivering a private presentation workshop, he will tailor the session to help ensure you too can present with power, using your style, content and delivery.

Confidence and Clarity: Presentations are part of your job and confidence is the key. Know your strength and weaknesses. Focus on your strengths and always maintain a positive outlook.

Speak slowly, but without any extra words like ums and ahhhs. Silence is ok. Precise and clear is more authoritative than someone that is just rambling along.

This will also help you come across as a calm and confident presenter.

Meeting and speaking with your audience before you start will also reduce your anxiety levels because you will have more friendly faces in the audience when it is time for you to present.

You will learn a whole lot more tips and techniques in the seminar to help you become a more confident presenter.

Be Organized: Know your stuff. Your audience are smart. They can sense when you have not put in the effort. Always prepare and organize your presentation so that it makes sense for you. Only then can it make sense to the audience.

Think of the audience. Care for them. Make sure what you have to say is of value. As long as you present with the audience in mind with the intention of giving good value, you will do well.

Kevin Abdulrahman’s training on ‘Presenting with Power’ is tailor-made for leaders, CEOs, directors and managers who truly want to develop super presentation skills.

Here’s a short list of what you can get out of this ground-breaking training:

presentation skills courses

Presentation Skills courses

– Importance of Presentations in the corporate world.
– Action Inspiring Presentations.
– Dress to Impress.
– Board Presentations.
– Sales Presentations.
– Formulate Stimulating Pitches.
– Powerful IT Tools for Presentations.
– Planning Your Presentation.
– Making it Interesting.
– Context, Organization and Delivery.
– Forming a Connection with your Audience.
– Building a Confident Promoting Feedback System.
– Presenting to Persuade.
– Vocal Skills and Body Language.

Kevin Abdulrahman consults leading governments and smart multinationals, helping their executives Present with Power. He can do the same for you.

Contact us today to having him deliver a customized presentation skills workshop for your group.

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Presentation Skills Training
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Presentation Skills Training
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Presentation Skills Training. Customized & Confidential. Designed For C-suite Executives, Leaders, Cabinet Ministers, Ambassadors, Spokespersons, Presidents & Royalty. Conducted By The Public Speaking Coach Of World Leaders, Kevin Abdulrahman


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