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Presentation skills training in Doha, Qatar.

Imagine if you could present and engage your audience?

Imagine if you could present with absolute clarity?

Imagine, if you could be calm when preparing and even cooler when delivering your presentation?

Imagine, if you could deliver your presentation with authority.

You can.

Available, on limited dates to come to Doha and the GCC, Kevin Abdulrahman communication consultant, public speaking coach and presentation skills trainer to some of the world’s leading companies and smart governments.

Preparation. Practicing. Perfecting. Pitching.

Sounds simple. But the success of preparing and delivering your presentation to a world class level requires training and an effective presentation skills course.

Great presenters aren’t born. They are made. With hard work. And the right guidance.

As one of the world’s top motivational speakers, communication consultant and media trainer, Kevin Abdulrahman has worked with thousands of policy makers, investors, politicians, government ministers, celebrities, dignitaries, executive VPs, thoughts leaders, chairmen, presidents and royalties.

If you are a multinational group, government entity, VP, CEO or chairman in Doha, Kevin Abdulrahman can deliver his bespoke presentations skills training sessions to suit your needs.

Presentation skills is an investment in yourself. It is an investment in your brand. It is an investment that is critical. And one that is non-negotiable in a world of high expectations.

Kevin Abdulrahman has provided tools to effectively train professionals on their presentation skills across a multitude of industries (Mining, Financial investments, Oil and Gas, Media, Accounting, Legal, Commercial Machinery, Medical, Real Estate, Consulting, Banking, Automotive, Agriculture, Aviation,) and under numerous conditions (press releases, product launches, take overs, crisis management and communication challenges).

A powerful presentation skills course could be delivered for you in Doha, Qatar.


Presentation Skills Workshops in Dohapresentation_skills_seminars_doha_qatar

Kevin Abdulrahman can deliver his presentation skills workshops across all your offices in the GCC. As a renowned communication consultant, workshops can be delivered at your office right here in Qatar, or at your choice of a five star hotel.

Qatar has many terrific hotels where your presentations skills workshop and consultations can be held

Sharq Village & Spa, Ras Abu Abboud

Four Seasons Hotel

The St. Regis Doha

The Ritz-Carlton Doha, West Bay Lagoon

The W Doha Hotel & Residences



Presentation Skills Seminars in Doha

We can conduct private presentation skills seminars for your government department or large multinational group.

Please note, this is subject to Kevin Abdulrahman’s availability.

Many choose to have their presentation skills seminars in Doha so their delegates can

  1. Attend an informing and impactful seminar session during the day, and
  2. Enjoy the city of Doha for its art and culture.


If it is your first time to Doha, and only have a few hours to spare, then go see the Katara Cultural village. Gorgeous views, many food and beverage outlets, museums and also access to the beach. Be sure to see the Amphitheater whilst there. For those who like shopping, the Villaggio Shopping Mall awaits in the west end of Doha, at the Aspire zone.



Doha City Center


Are you a government establishment or multinational corporation in Qatar? Why must your people develop their presentation skills?presentation_skills_workshops_doha_qatar

Every group, as it will be in your case, will have a different requirement.

Your presentations will have a purpose.

This means ‘behind the scenes’ you have to understand, work and practice numerous concepts.

Here is only a handful of the many thoughts to consider.

  1. How to plan a presentation. What goes where? Why?
  2. Crafting a key message
  3. Delivering it with impact.
  4. Managing your voice in way to aid your material, not take away from it.
  5. Bringing life to what you are saying.
  6. Getting the audience’s buy-in


Providing you with a plan, arming you with the skills and practicing with you until you deliver an A+ outcome is what Kevin Abdulrahman strives to achieve.

As a leading communication consultant, Kevin Abdulrahman has helped some of the world’s most prestigious and powerful executives, ministers, VPs, Presidents, Chairmen and Royalties.

He can do the same for you in Doha, Qatar.

The presentation skills course results are guaranteed.

This is the best investment in you (and your group’s) future.

Government establishments and multinational corporations in Doha, take note:presentation_skills_courses_doha_qatar

How can we help develop your narrative, key messages and presentation skills?

– Boutique one on one presentation skills training for your Chairman?
– Presentation skills courses tailored for your VPs?
– In house presentation skills seminars for your junior and mid-level executives?
– Sales Presentation skills workshops for your sales teams?

Trainings require prior bookings, and are subject to availability.

Please contact us to discuss how Kevin Abdulrahman can help work with your group in Doha, Qatar.


Mobile +971 50 9859725 | Skype Kevin.Abdulrahman (NY)




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