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Negotiation Skills Training in Oman

Are you looking for a superior negotiation skills training course to be delivered for your team in Oman?

Is you a group or government agency going into a high stakes contract-negotiation?

Are you an Omani firm wanting to train your people to negotiate better and generate greater results?

Kevin Abdulrahman, better known as ‘The Man Inspiring Millions’ is a highly skilled negotiations specialist. He has been training government officials, diplomats and senior executives for many years in refining their negotiation skills.

Kevin Abdulrahman is the author of many books, amongst them 60 Minutes To Better Public Speaking, which has been translated into Arabic and 30+ languages.

Negotiation skills applies to everyone. No matter the nature and level of interaction or communication.

Do your people know their negotiation style? Do they know how to spot their counter part’s style? Are your people equipped to know the right time to negotiate? When to ask for their must haves? When to forgo nice to haves? Are your people sharpened to handle difficult situations?

Imagine if your professionals could become highly confident negotiators?

They can, with the negotiation training and guidance of a leading negotiation expert Kevin Abdulrahman.

Contact and tell us how we can support you in Muscat, Oman?


Negotiation Skills Workshops in Oman

We can arrange for Kevin Abdulrahman to design and deliver his negotiation skills workshop at your office in Oman. This will be done in private and with absolute discretion.

Alternatively, there are many venues to hold these negotiation skills courses for your people.

Oman has many five star hotels and locations for training purposes. Below are some of the hotels we can hold your negotiation skills workshops:

Shangri La Barr Al Jissah Resort & Spa-Al Husnnegotiation_skills_workshops_muscat_oman

W Doha Hotel & Residences

The St. Regis

Waves International Hotel

InterContinental Muscat

Ritz Carlton

Hilton Muscat

Four Seasons Hotel

La Cigale Hotel

Banana Island Resort

Oryx Rotana

Movenpick Tower

Grand Hyatt

Kempinski Residences and Suites


Negotiation Skills Seminars in Oman Arabic-Cover

For organizations that are not located in Oman, but are visiting for an expo or meeting, and wish to benefit from the facilities and enjoy the city, we are able to hold private and public trainings at one of the venues mentioned above, subject to Kevin Abdulrahman’s availability.

Why most firms choose to hold their negotiation skills seminar in Muscat?

  1. They get to learn from a renowned negotiations specialist and attend a highly informative seminar during the day.
  2. And at night, delegates get to enjoy and explore this impressive city.


Some of the places you will surely enjoy are Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque, Natural History Museum, Oman Avenues Mall, Wadi Al Arbeieen, Muscat City Center and Bait Al Zubair.

If you have time, then do visit the following cities Salalah, Dhofar, Sur and Nizwa.


As a group in Oman, why is it important for your professionals to develop their negotiation skills?

Negotiation skills is an integral part of any organization.

As a government entity, you represent your city by way of being able to secure and achieve desired contracts and goals.

As a business, you may have the best product or service, but you also must have noticed that despite of having the best, you still would have lost important deals.

And even if you have secured and won a negotiation, the chances are, there was more that could have been


achieved but was left on the table.

Why? Because of ineffective negotiation skills.

Invite Kevin Abdulrahman to deliver and train your people on the art of negotiation.

Your group in Oman will also learn the 4-step formula for a winning negotiation:

1- Planning your negotiation method and process.

2- Using knowledge, tactics and experiences for success.

3- Creating a contract that’s genuinely agreeable by both parties.

4- Action time, performance, evaluation and finalizing the negotiation correctly.

Outstanding negotiation skills will mean the difference between a winning or losing a multimillion or billion dollar deal. It is the difference between resolving drastic conflict and or winning the bid to host an event for your city.

In the Arab world, negotiating is a natural way of doing business in corporations and government departments. Oman is an ideal country for Kevin Abdulrahman’s negotiation courses. You get to learn from the best and try out your newly learned skills under his supervision. That’s effective and accelerated learning.

Hire Kevin Abdulrahman, a world renowned negotiations strategist, to conduct advanced negotiation skills training workshops for your people in Oman.

It will be the best investment you will make.


Muscat, Oman – The most beautiful city in the world 2015 [HD]


Attention leading government department heads and growth-oriented companies in Oman


Tell us about your requirements

1) A private one on one negotiation training for your board of directors?

2) A negotiation course designed for your executives?

3) Two day negotiation seminar for your senior management?

4) Negotiation workshops for a group of professionals working on a particular deal?

Kindly note that all negotiation trainings require advance bookings, and are subject to availability.

Hire Kevin Abdulrahman for a tailor-made negotiation skills workshop to train your people the corporate world’s winning negotiation tactics delivered to you in the country of Oman.

Get trained in negotiation skills today and have an edge on your competition.

Negotiation Skills Tip from Kevin Abdulrahman: Listen more and talk less. The more you listen, the more you learn. Probe with questions and pay attention to what’s being said. Read between the lines. Good negotiators are like detectives.


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