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Executive Media Skills Training


Who is the face of your business?media training Dubai
How is your spokesperson handling your brand?
Are they commanding the interviews and maximizing your good news?
Are they strong to be calm under pressure and handle damage control of bad news?

The Media is a powerful resource for those who understand and able to use it to their advantage.

What is the impression your group is making to your audience?
What is the perception of the audience when they see your spokesperson on stage?

Reputations can very easily be tarnished by one wrong move or comment on social media, interviews or news. For smart and successful businesses, reputations matter the most.

Media Training For Senior Executives, Spokespersons & CEOs


Leaders who generate excellent results have the following characteristics.

They are sharp, savvy and communicate effectively.
They know what to say, when to say it, how to say it and what not to say.
They have focus.
They have clarity.
They are calm and composed in front of the cameras.
They possess the ability to influence the hearts and minds of the interviewer and importantly, the audience.
They are commanding.
They are stimulating.
They shape their message in a way to get their group and brand maximum value.
They seem natural.

Of course, this only happens because of a superb communication and media strategic plan.

These superstar spokespersons have been taught, trained and coached to learn the skills, techniques and strategies needed to ensure they can handle and maximize every situation.

They have been media trained to be sharp. Their message, on point.
They are memorable, likeable, and deliver their message with impact.
They win over their competition, because of their forward thinking and investment into media training.

Why must you put your leadership team through Media Training Courses?

Media interviews are great. It’s an opportunity for you to make a winning and lasting impression. So called “charismatic” spokespersons and leaders are able to do this for the simple fact that they have been trained behind the scenes on how to handle, lead and deliver across the multitude of media platforms today.

You can be that kind of leader!
You can be that kind of a spokesperson.

Kevin Abdulrahman can help you.

Many are at first nervous or come across as unnatural (no matter how confident) when facing the media cameras or having to speak on a public stage. Fear not. It’s normal.

There are numerous hurdles and challenges to consider.

You will learn how to plan, strategize, and apply winning techniques in order to make the most out of your media interviews. More importantly, as a leading communication and media training consultant, Kevin Abdulrahman will help you become a spokesperson who is able to deliver his/her message with poise, precision and power.

Some ignore the importance of media training until they are stuck in a situation of having to fend off their reputation, stand up and make a statement or have to conduct a TV interview.

Don’t leave it to the last minute.

Smart companies and individuals develop their media training skills ahead of time.
An investment in themselves that is priceless.

Your People Must Develop Their Media Skills?
media courses

The following characteristics are crucial for someone wanting to develop effective Media Skills:

Protect, Enhance and Build Reputations: As discussed earlier, impressions and reputations are crucial for you and your business. The ability to deliver strong and on point messages is paramount. The ability to anticipate tough questions from people, reporters and the media is another skill. Your reputation depends on it and you do not want to risk it!

We can teach you how to protect, enhance and build your reputation as a brand ambassador.
Sign up to our seminar to learn more.

Speaking With Passion: If you want your words to have the ‘power to influence’, you need to express your ideas with precision, clarity and focus. You will be doing a lot of speaking in your career. Always speak clearly and at a measured tempo. The intention is for your audience to remember your message.

In our media training seminar, you will learn how to develop the confidence to ‘speak clearly, with passion, poise and precision’. You will also learn how to handle difficult unescapable questions.

Building Trust: This is one of the most challenging skills to learn and do when in front of the Media. The reporters and audience can not only see you, but hear and feel you. You can come across as weak, uncertain and unauthentic, or you can come across as credible, centered, calm and strong.

Kevin Abdulrahman will be teaching you valuable techniques and strategies to ensure your communication style will establish trust, credibility and authority.

Media Training Seminars and Workshops?

Here are a few items you will learn at our media training seminar:

– What is Media Training and it’s importance?media skills training Abu Dhabi
– Reputations and Impressions.
– Why your reputation matters so much?
– Understanding the needs of the media.
– Dealing with reporters and interviewers.
– How to ooze confidence and charm in front of the camera?
– Exploring the ‘Media Celebrity’ in you!
– Winning over the media.
– How to handle difficult questions?
– Speaking with Clarity and Focus.
– Creating ‘Action Inspiring’ Impressions.
– No more business cards for you!
– Super Communication Skills.
– How to prepare for a crisis?
– You are the ‘brand ambassador’ of your business.
– Promoting your Brand.
– Interacting with the Media.
– Building Authentic Trust.

Learn these skills and more by having our ‘Celebrity Media Trainer’ Kevin Abdulrahman help sharpen your media skills.

Media Training is one of the best investments you could make in your people.

The reward and return on investment is priceless.

Drop us a line and let us know how we can help your group with providing a tailored training solution.

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