Media Training Muscat Oman

Media Training Muscat Oman

Media Training Muscat Oman Conducted by Kevin Abdulrahman, Public Speaking Coach To World Leaders

Customized Media Training for your senior executives, spokespersons, leaders and CEOs in Oman.
As one of the world’s leading media training and communication experts, Kevin Abdulrahman¬†works Chairmen, government ministers, celebrities, dignitaries, executive VPs, thoughts leaders, politicians, presidents and royalty.

Executive Media Training in Muscat, Oman

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If you are a multinational company, government agency, VP, CEO or chairman in the Sultanate of Oman, Kevin Abdulrahman can deliver his bespoke media training sessions for you.

Strategic corporate communication is paramount for any group.

As a mission to all his clients, Kevin Abdulrahman believes in delivering media skills training that’s effective. This means your candidates and spokespersons will be put through a practical program. They will be taught, trained and coached through various scenarios, with different degrees of difficulty. By doing “Live” practices, your candidates will come out with thoughts, tips, techniques and strategies that’s instinctively theirs.

Our media training workshops are designed for forward thinking government agencies, national and multinational companies in Muscat.

Media training is investing in advance for your future. Because when you are needed to get in front of a TV camera, speak at a panel on stage or do a face to face interview, there is no time for preparation.

You need to be media ready.

Kevin Abdulrahman can help you be prepared to deliver your message with Poise, Precision and Power.

He has worked in many industries (Mining, Financial investments, Oil and Gas, Media, Accounting, Legal, Commercial Machinery, Medical, Real Estate, Consulting, Banking, Automotive, Agriculture, Aviation,) and under numerous conditions (press releases, product launches, take overs, crisis management and communication challenges).

The media training courses delivered are custom-made to your provisions. It can be delivered in house or at any private setting to suit your VIP candidates.



Media Training Workshops in Muscat


Kevin Abdulrahman can shape the media training workshops depending on your groups’ needs. As a renowned communication consultant, workshops can be delivered at your offices in Muscat or otherwise, the sessions can be guided at your choice of five star venue.

The Sultanate of Oman has several outstanding hotels. Your media training workshop and consultations can be held at

The Chedai Muscat

Six Senses Zighy Bay

Intercontinental, palm fringed resort

Shangri-La Barr Al Jissah Resort and spa

Al Bustan Palace, Ritz Carlton Hotel

Grand Hyatt Muscat


Media Training Seminars in the Sultanate’s capital, Muscat

Oman Media Training

For government departments and multinationals wishing to take advantage of the incredible facilities in Oman, we can conduct private media training seminars for you in Muscat.

Please note, this is subject to Kevin Abdulrahman’s availability.

Many groups choose to have their media training seminars in Muscat so their spokespersons can

  1. a) Attend an informative and intensive seminar session during the day, and
  2. b) Enjoy the picturesque city in the evening.


If this will be your first time in Muscat, you have plenty to soak in. From the seafront souqs to the striking Islamic architecture. You will find at your doorstep, something unique to very few cities in the world- the combination of beach and mountains. Take a walk through Muttrah Corniche, and then into the Muttrah Souq where you can grab some Omani souvenirs. Make a note to visit the Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque and for those avid fans of the Opera, enjoy an evening at the magnificent Royal Opera House.




As a government department or multinational company in the Sultanate of Oman, why must you strategize, equip and media train your spokespersons?

The Media is a powerful resource. If you know how to use it to your advantage.


Media Training Seminars Muscat Oman

Imagine being able to deliver your message with precision and power.

Imagine being able to maximizing good news for the greatest sway.

Imagine being able to limit bad news to a minimum.

Imagine being able to control the interview and drive it in the direction you desire.

Planning strategies, teaching enabling techniques and working with your spokespersons until the desired result is achieved is what Kevin Abdulrahman does best.

As a leading communication consultant, Kevin Abdulrahman has done it for some of the world’s most influential and powerful executives, ministers, VPs, Presidents, Chairmen and Royalties. He will achieve the same success for you.

Call Kevin Abdulrahman to deliver his bespoke media training workshops for your spokespersons in the Sultanate of Oman. It will be your best investment.


Media Training Courses Muscat Oman

Muscat Government departments and smart companies, take note:

How can we help with your media training plan, strategy and overall communication?

  • Boutique one on one media coaching for your Chairman?
  • Media training courses tailored for your VPs?
  • In house media training seminars for strategic communication of your cabinet and ministers?
  • Media training workshops for crisis management?

Trainings require prior bookings, and are subject to availability.

Please email or call to discuss how Kevin Abdulrahman can help delivered tailored media training solutions for your group in Muscat, Oman.

Media Training
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Media Training
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Boutique 1on1 media coaching for your Chairman. Media training courses tailored for your VPs. In-house media training seminars for strategic communication of your Ministers. Crisis Management Media Training.


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