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Leadership Skills Training in Dubai

Do you motivate, coach and inspire your team take initiatives? Can you do better?

Are professionals in your organization taking ownership of their roles?

Is your team willing to take the lead on complex and challenging projects and deals? Do you want more of your people to demonstrate true leadership skills?

Kevin Abdulrahman is a well known and highly regarded leadership speaker who has conducted countless seminars, trainings and workshops all around the world. He has worked with professionals of organizations from both the private and public sector.

Whether you have a team of professionals in the private sector needing to step up, or government officials that need to be groomed, your people will benefit from the progressive leadership skills trainings delivered by Kevin Abdulrahman.

Kevin Abdulrahman is available this year (on limited dates) to deliver his leadership skills workshops, seminars and trainings to your professionals in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Let’s explore the possibilities of how the region’s number one leadership trainer can deliver his courses at special conference events or perhaps even, provide in house trainings for your people in Dubai.


Leadership Skills Workshops in Dubai

Kevin Abdulrahman can deliver leadership skills workshops (corpora  te or governmental) at your offices in Dubai. Alternatively, the trainings can be provided in a 5 star hotel or facility of your choice.

Dubai’s facilities for events, meetings, conferences and conventions are second to none. Numerous facilities are available to hold leadership skills courses. Below is a brief list of such facilities:

The Palace Hotel in Downtown

Jumeirah Emirates Towers

Armani Hotel Dubai

Burj Al Arab

The Ritz Carlton

Raffles Dubai

Atlantis, The Palm

Grosvenor House

Movenpick Hotel Ibn Battuta Gate

Jumeirah Beach Hotel


Leadership Skills Seminars in DubaiArabic-Cover

Dubai is the ideal spot for trainings and seminars. Organizations that are not based here prefer to hold their leadership skills seminars in this stunning emirate. And we can’t blame them.

Our team can arrange and plan a seminar for you at one of the many locations, or at a venue of your choice. The leadership trainings can be held in public, complete with marketing and branding of your corporation, or in private.

Please note that the exact dates will depend on Kevin Abdulrahman’s schedule.

Why your team should attend Kevin Abdulrahman’s trainings in Dubai:

  1. Your team will get exposure to the modern and active business environment of Dubai.
  2. They will attend a leadership seminar during the day that would be life and business changing.
  3. Your attendees will enjoy the beautiful and advanced emirates of Dubai in their time off.


We highly recommend that you send your team to Dubai for a leadership skills course. They will get instant experience and exposure to Dubai’s modern ways of business. In addition they will understand why leadership traits are so coveted and how to use these skills in business.

Once the leadership seminar is completed, your professionals can visit Burj Al Arab, Dubai Mall, Burj Khalifa, Wild Wadi Water Park, Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve, Marina Beach, Emirates Towers, Miracle Garden, The Lost Chambers Aquarium, and Ibn Battuta Mall.


Amazing Dubai Tour – Burj Khalifa, Dubai Mall, Desert Safari *HD*

Why is it crucial for your group and professionals to develop, enhance and polish their leadership skills?

Leadership skills are applied in all matters of business, departments and situations. The modern corporate culture consider people with leadership skills to be a vital ‘asset.’

Why? Because smart professionals and groups realize that it is important for each of their members to understand and appreciate the responsibilities and difference they can make.

Leading companies want their people to take initiatives, tackle challenges, be courageous in the face of failure, be great listeners and motivators, all whist providing the direction for their team members to follow.

It is not easy being a leader, nor is it a destination. The journey is never ending and Kevin Abdulrahman will help your people transform to a higher level of leadership. In understanding, and execution.

Here’s some of the thoughts and skills Kevin Abdulrahman touches on in his leadership seminar – What is leadership and why is it so important?

– Developing core leadership skills.leadership_skills_seminars_duai
– How you can speak to inspire?
– Powerful presentation skills
– Single and multitasking for leaders, which one should be done when?
– How to resolve conflicts?
– How to discover your unique leadership style?
– Developing self-awareness and why it’s important?
– Effective team management, and how to inspire and motivate your team?
– Building successful relationships and networks.
– The power of commitment and vision in business.
– How to create and lead high performing teams.

Imagine the possibilities once your team is armed with such powerful skills!

Dubai is symbol of leadership in Action. Your people must lead on the same level with the same magnitude.

International organizations and government departments get in touch with us regularly asking for Kevin Abdulrahman to conduct his leadership skills workshops. We would love to do the same for you.

Invest in your professionals. It is the best investment you could make.


Selection of training formats and programs for companies and government departments in Dubai

Kevin Abdulrahman’s seminars and trainings is tailored to your requirements. Do you need a

  1. Two day leadership skills training, for senior management.
  2. One on one leadership consultation for CEOs, directors and VPs.
  3. Customized leadership skills training session for brand representatives.
  4. Leadership training workshop for a particular group, for special projects, contracts or assignments.
  5. Trainings designed specifically to a core set of leadership skills you wish to develop?


Let Kevin Abdulrahman develop, refine or enhance your group’s leadership in action. The results of which you will see for years to come.

Call or send us an email for bookings.

Please note: Limited Dates available in Dubai.


Mobile +971 50 9859725 | Skype Kevin.Abdulrahman (NY)




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