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Leadership Skills Training in Abu Dhabi, UAE

What are the characteristics of a true leader?

How can your leadership team take your business a new direction? Do you want your employees to develop leadership traits? Do you know that leadership can be taught?

Kevin Abdulrahman is a skilled and experienced leadership speaker who was work with growth companies and leading governments across five continents.

Kevin Abdulrahman has trained groomed leaders in the domains of public speaking, communication skills, planning and execution techniques, conflict resolution, team building and importantly, how to accomplish business objectives by applying innovative leadership skills.

Discover how Kevin Abdulrahman can help and train your group their leadership skills in Abu Dhabi, UAE.


Leadership Skills Workshops in Abu Dhabi

Kevin Abdulrahman leadership skills course are dynamic. They change with respect to the corporate environment. In addition each leadership skills workshop is tailor-made to your organization’s requirements.

The workshop can be delivered at your office or at a 5 star facility of choice.

Abu Dhabi is home to some of the best hotels, resorts and convention facilities. Any of the locations below would be perfect for a leadership skills workshop:

Emirates Palace

The St. Regis

Shangri-La Hotel

Jumeirah at Etihad Towers Hotel

Sofitel Abu Dhabi Corniche

Ritz Carlton

Le Royal Meridien

Park Hyatt Hotel and Villas

Anantara Eastern Mangroves Hotel and Spa

Hyatt Capital Gate


Leadership Skills Seminars in Abu Dhabi leadership_skills_workshops_abudhabi

You may want to have a leadership skills seminar in this progressive state, even if your office is not based here. Our professionals can handle all the arrangements for you, subject to Kevin Abdulrahman’s availability.

Most groups prefer to organize a leadership skills seminar in Abu Dhabi for the following reasons:

  1. During working hours they attend an inspiring, stimulating and mind-expanding seminar, learning skills that reshape them personally and professionally.
  2. During the night they explore and enjoy the beautiful emirate of Abu Dhabi.


Your group will enjoy Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, Al-Hosn Palace(Old Fort), Emirates Park Zoo, Ferrari World Abu Dhabi, Lulu Island, Emirates National Auto Museum, Saadiyat Island, Marina Mall, Yas Island, Yas Water World, Abu Dhabi Mall and Sheikh Khalifa Park.


Abu Dhabi… Safe City


For corporations, organizations and Abu Dhabi’s governmental departments. Why should you invest in developing your team’s leadership skills?


The fact is fast and sustained growth comes about from having a well developed core of leaders. These people know how to deal with challenges, negotiate, anticipate change, inspire their teams and they listen to others with full attention.

The exact definition of a leader varies, but great leaders concur on these three primary characteristics:

  1. Eager to Listen: All leaders speak less and listen more. This conveys respect and in addition leaders get to know the expectations of the other party.
  2. Inspiration and Motivation: Leaders are not bosses. They take their teams along with them. They strongly believe in keeping their teams motivated, especially during tough times. A motivated team can achieve anything!
  3. The Power to Empower: Most people are afraid of delegation and empowering others because they feel that this would decrease their authority. Leaders however train their teams and empower them to make decisions and take risks.


Abu Dhabi is an important and progressive emirate. Most of UAE’s government departments are based here and some of world’s best corporations have set their offices in this emirate. This also translates to increased competition. Equip your professionals by grooming them up to stand up and lead.

Who do you think can win more business, a leader or a follower?

People are measured by their ability to negotiate, communicate, create commitment, dedication, values and how they treat others. All these attributes are part of developing effective leadership skills.

Leaders love to do business with leaders.

Great leaders produce great results, while transforming their team and business.

Remember that good leadership skills mean the difference between winning big or remaining average.

What would you choose? Ordinary or Extraordinary?

Organizations and government departments regularly invite Kevin Abdulrahman to deliver his innovative leadership skills trainings in Abu Dhabi, witnessing the transformation and power of leadership skills.

Believe in your people and invest in developing your leadership team.


Message for corporations and government departments of Abu Dhabi

Kevin Abdulrahman’s leadership skills courses can follow one of the following delivery methods:

1) Two to three day leadership skills workshops, for your senior management.leadership_skills_courses_abudhabi

2) One-on-one leadership courses, for leaders and CEOs, held in confidence.

3) Customized leadership training seminars, for your representatives and executives?

4) Special leadership trainings, for a team dedicated to a particular project.

Please note that all Abu Dhabi trainings, workshops and seminars require advance bookings, and are subject to Kevin Abdulrahman’s availability.

Hire Kevin Abdulrahman to enhance the leadership skills of your people, and greatly increase your corporation’s visibility, reputation and efficiency.


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