life is battlefield

Life is a Battlefield

I once met a friend of mine in a hotel lobby. After exchanging pleasantries and greetings, our talks drifted to the state of Economy. We agreed that although things were tough, opportunities were plenty. They were simply repackaged and presented in different forms. My friend then made an interesting comment. He said, ‘Life is not…

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Everything You Do Has a Price

The price you pay for up-skilling towards a new career means less time in front of the TV. The price you pay to get good grades in your studies is missing out on time spent at the beach. The price of losing weight is the hardship of exercising and good dieting. This is all common…

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Fuel the Fire

Winners have developed the power and mental strength to ensure any comment made to them fuels their fire. The more comments they hear, the bigger and brighter their fire burns. They see comments as the firewood that keeps them going. What type of comments? You may ask. Positive and uplifting comments or negative and downright…

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