The Signal and Picture

Our lives are filled with events (big and small) that occur on a daily basis. That’s the beauty of life. With so much going on, it requires those with a Winning Mind to stay on course without being distracted by surrounding influences. If you are not focused you will tend to lag behind in your commitments, your tasks and also achieving your goals. To be productive in your personal and professional life, you need to be focused and able to deflect life’s distractions.

Think of the signal that streams to your satellite dish. When uninterrupted, it gives you a crystal clear picture on your TV. What happens when there is interference in the signal, due to say wind or thunderstorms? The signal is interrupted and as a result, the picture on the screen is affected.

The wind and thunderstorms are the plenty of distractions you get in life. The signal is your focus. The picture on the screen is your result.

Sometimes it seems like you are getting ahead by having so much on your plate, but focusing on completing one task at a time actually helps you achieve more. It may be boring, it may look dull, but you will achieve more, one task at a time. I see so many young entrepreneurs who are always looking for the next best thing, who are always trying to put deals together, who feel that they need to have their fingers in every single pie that they hear of. What they don’t realize is their energy is dissipated and they can’t achieve the higher result they would have if focused on one single task at a time.

A well known icon focused his skill of picking and buying stocks in undervalued companies and watched them flourish in their due time. As a result he amassed a great deal of wealth. That man is Warren Buffet, the second richest man in the world. He applied the simple principle of focus.

Winners know that they become what they focus on most of the time. If you are unhappy with the picture on your TV screen, you change channels or reposition your satellite to pick up the right signal.

Winners know that every day spent focusing on their end reward; moves him or her one step closer to attaining their goals. No matter how minute the results, by focusing more, you will see yourself achieving more.

Choose the picture you desire to have and ensure you have an uninterrupted signal.

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Posted on June 6, 2016 in Articles

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