Welcome challenges in your world

Winners are regularly faced with challenges. They understand that challenges are the required ingredients to win. In fact, if you are not facing challenges, then the chances are you’re operating well below your true capabilities. Some challenges arise as a result of the poor choices you’ve made, whilst others are at times, out of your control. Nevertheless, you must learn to understand that a challenge, no matter how severe, is simply part of the game you have chosen to play. It’s a required ingredient of the game.

What if you choose to resign and be at the complete mercy of the challenges you face?

Well, you won’t stand a chance.

I would like to suggest that it’s not the challenges that define you. Winners are not shaped by the challenges they face, but by how they face their challenges. When faced with a challenge, you need to push through it, over it or to the side of it. You do whatever you have to do, to get to the other side. As difficult as it may seem, or as hard as it may feel to recognize this fact, just like a coin, an event will always have two sides to it.

Take a large organization such as Google as an example. Do you think they let challenges hold them back? Do you think they bring everything to a complete halt because they are faced with a crisis? No, they continue to push forward, fine-tuning and working on their challenges along the way. It’s important to note, that winners still keep their eyes locked on their vision. Therefore, they are constantly moving forward as opposed to many who are taking the sit and wait approach.

How you deal with challenges will determine whether you make the cut. It will determine whether you will rise and inherently, whether you’ll win or not. For it’s not what you are hit with, but how you deal with the hit. It’s not how you are hit, but how hard you can hit back. It is not your size in the fight that matters, but size of the fight in you that will ultimately determine whether they will stand a chance at winning.

Welcome challenges in your world. Welcome challenges from your competition. The challenges you face will always help expand your thinking. It will help you grow stronger.

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Posted on March 18, 2016 in Articles

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